Fishing Until Dark in Private Waters


The Experience

About your host

I am a licensed, professional guide who has built a satisfying career sharing what I am passionate about with others. As a young boy I found fishing, hunting and enjoying the outdoors exhilarating! Having been in the guiding industry some 25 years now, the reward is now sharing these experiences with others. I am confident that this unique, private, friendly, local experience will be a cherished memory! If your looking to connect with nature while developing a bond with an individual who was born, raised and who lives, and loves right here in Glendale . . . this is the experience for you!

What we’ll do

Three attributes make this experience unmatched; SETTING, PEOPLE & AUTHENTICITY! The SETTING of this experience is rare and unlike anything you can find on your own. We believe we are the luckiest guys on earth to live and share what we consider is the most beautiful little spot on the planet! Native to the area, our guides convey the history of the area and sport, live the local lifestyle, and embody the feeling of the experience. If you don’t book for any other reason, book to spend time with these fascinating & entertaining PEOPLE! You can anticipate an AUTHENTIC, patient, hands-on approach based on your fishing skill-level. We pride ourselves on delivering an experience formulated to your groups’ unique characteristics (age, background, skill-level.) We provide the equipment, setting, and knowledge to catch a fish. You provide the questions, a positive attitude, and a big smile when you hold up your first catch! Our starting point is the easily located ZION FAMILY RANCH pavilion at the mouth of Lydia’s Canyon. Up to 90 minutes of catch-and-release fishing fun in the private ponds adjacent to the pavilion in beautiful Lydia’s Canyon!
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